Osage Orange and walnut chest
display case with LED lighting
cutting boards
water oak table


Onewood is David H Janowitz.  Most of my products are from trees I have harvested in and around Houston, Texas.  I have access to a local sawmill where I cut the logs into useable sizes.  Then the wood is carried to my home built solar kiln for drying. (Otherwise a two inch thick board would take about two years to  dry.)  Finally, I get to do actual woodworking, and make stuff!  It is especially gratifying to go from a tree to a hand crafted finished product.  As you can see on this website, my work includes home goods like cutting boards and rolling pins, bowls and wine bottle stoppers, coasters and holiday ornaments, as well as fine furniture including hope chests, display cabinets and both formal and more rustic live-edge tables.

I love custom orders, such as these tables.  We will work together on design and wood choices to make your ideal finished product.  In addition to my own stock of local woods, a wide assortment of other varieties are available at local stores.

Three Water Oak Tables
rolling pins 12-18.jpg

Many items shown, (scroll over "Shop" at the top of the site,) are available for sale.  Local pick up in Houston anytime, and I can ship at cost plus a nominal packing fee.  The gallery section Items without a price are gone, but I can approximately recreate most of them too.

To mail order on line, use the contact me feature below.  I accept Square and Paypal


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